Seminar Descriptions
Why Ethnicity Matters
Ethnic diversity and representation are talked about in different areas of life including higher education, the workplace, and in the media. But sometimes our faith can feel separate from the diversity efforts that we witness. God desires for us to bring all of ourselves, including our ethnicity and cultural background, as we walk in our calling. This seminar explores the difference between race and ethnicity, what the Bible has to say, and why ethnicity matters to God.
Why Our Stories Matter
"There is no life without story. We enter story from the time we are born and never exit story even in death." - Willie James Jennings 
Stories are powerful, but storytellers rule the world. What is our story? Are we telling our stories or have we allowed others to tell them for us? This seminar explores what it means for us to retell our stories as HMong Americans with Jesus at the center and Jesus as our storyteller.
Why Being Asian American Matters
"Asian American" is a relatively recent term meant to build solidarity between Asian ethnic groups in the United States. Come explore how our HMong experiences connect with the broader Asian American narrative and grow in our understanding of why being part of that community matters.
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